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You too can become an Artemisian - part of our creative community!

Why not become a Member of Artemis Theatre and volunteer your time and energy in any way you are inspired to do.

Whatever your age

Whatever your experience

Whatever your view of your talents

If you would like to be involved in creative theatre and are interested in any of the following, then we’d love to see you!

In an age where society has become quite isolated, our company offers  opportunities for individuals and their families to become part of a bigger creative family.

We nurture talent, sign post to formal artistic training, increase new & existing skills as well as offer platforms for potential artists and writers of tomorrow.

  • painting of Pan in AphroditeWardrobe               
  • Marketing     
  • Set Building 
  • Front of House
  • Box Office     
  • Makeup         
  • Filming projections
  • Committee   
  • Administration
  • Stage Management
  • Lighting       
  • Sound                   
  • Directing       
  • Graphic Design
  • Making Costumes

Teamwork Tolerance Understanding Cohesion 




We offer experience in all aspects of theatre and performance through productions, workshops and courses.  Gravestones -ThembonesOur focus is on inclusion of all people in the community, from 16 to 60+, who might not otherwise get the chance to participate, whether skilled or unskilled. 

There is a place within you where everything is possible

…I was surrounded by people who believed in me, respected me and allowed me to be me – what a beautiful gift....

Vicky Garratt - Artist, 2004