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From Bob Chapman, the Mayor of Bournemouth 2006

The Mayoress and I thoroughly enjoyed your Company’s recent performance of Mary Shelley goes to Hollywood. Clearly this was a most professional production and we wish you every success in the future…

River Wide - from Jamie Barton attending the workshops – on behalf of Porchester School 2008  ... I just wanted to say thank you very much for hosting this mind blowing show and to all the staff who catered for it …. I certainly enjoyed it …  I thank you for boosting my vocal confidence and teamwork efforts....It would be so great if we could all just do it all over again...We miss river wide so much…… thats how much you both, isaac and Christina have inspired people. 

Mother of Jack, the boy that stood in last minute, said…… thanks to what we did in river wide + Isaac’s recommendation letter…. not only has he been inspired to take up acting seriously, but he is now starting St. Peters school this summer..... to focus on his acting....

From Kelvin West – Professional Actor and Assistant Director -- 2005

Aphrodite has been truly a different adventure!! Working with new Actors, some of them gaining their first knowledge of real performance. It has been a real pleasure to watch them develop under Christina Artemis’s direction and motivational skills 

From Julie Ann Horrox- 2005 .... Aphrodite has given me the courage to realise …not only am I a mother and healer, but now a talented actress and costume designer…”

Sally Walter -Community Occupational therapist - mental health team for E. Bournemouth, said of a young man with long term psychosis 

…… his consultant psychiatrist and I were delighted to enjoy watching him on stage which made us extremely proud and was a testament to his astonishing recovery and improvement which would not have been possible with medication alone…...

Natalya Hammond-Betts – Professional Actress and writer – 2007

Artemis changed my life! From the beginning I felt like part of an incredible community and family…….gave me the confidence to perform again……. have just got accepted to do my Masters Degree at East 15 theatre school.

Natalya has now completed her Degree with high grades and continues to work professionally

Val Jackson (60 plus)– Aphrodite and the Apple 2004 – 05 .....working with Artemis has been an important experience in pushing me out into a more exciting life and challenging limiting blocks in myself…

Ignatious Harling … professional actor -Aphrodite and Mary Shelley  ….had beneficial influences for me - both personal and professional … acted as a bridge between the recovery based work I did with Vita Nova …developed more confidence as an actor … the experience contributed to my decision to enter full time actor training.

Ignatious has now completed his performing Arts Degree at the Arts Institute.