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We are inviting individuals and business leaders who have an interest in the arts and theatre to support our Patrons Club.

Patrons who have a significant voice in support of the Arts, who believe in Artemis Theatre and Performance Arts; its vision, objectives and strategy. Artemis invites you to lend your name and support to further Artemis Vision.

The Patrons Club has been created with the aim of attracting sponsors, enabling Artemis to have access to the resources needed to support their continued development, knowing the funds are there to move forward into 2013 and beyond. These will ensure our ability to continue producing quality productions to enthusiastic audiences locally and nationwide. 

Patrons benefit in the following ways:

MS MonsterPromotional opportunities, personal or company name, through advertising on Artemis Theatre Foundation UK literature, websites etc. which are accessed by the general public

Patrons receive complimentary tickets to all major performances, plus opportunities to watch some rehearsals

A sense of well-being derived from supporting a worthwhile project. Seeing your contribution has a positive impact in the local community.

A possible tax incentive.


We are committed to creating a fund of £50,000 plus, to ensure Artemis has ongoing support with marketing, fundraising and office administration.

Donations to the Patrons Club start at £500, and all contributions are used to execute our current business plan. To ensure these are used wisely, the Artemis Theatre and Performance Arts manages its finances through the Management Board, its Steering Group and guidance from several other bodies such as Bournemouth Council, Financial Advisers and Business Mentors.

Examples of where your contribution will be directed:

£800 – for our costume designer with the team to create theatrical costumes for a production

£500 – the cost of all our promotional posters and leaflets to promote a production

£1000 – fees towards Theatre Hire, Stage manager, Director etc

Future Plans 2009 

Joining our Patrons Club will enable you to become part of the Artemisians family as you watch it grow with your support.

Contact Details:

Patrons Club Secretary: Glynis Judge - 01792 386626

Artistic Director: Christina Artemis 01202 467789

Cheques made payable to: Artemis Theatre.

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